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Nail Bar

The exclusive creams, scrubs, and oils used during your service are handmade locally by Herbal Love Creation and our unique nail experience allows you to choose your own signature scent for your service.

Bamboo Grass - Clean and Soothing
Cactus Blossom - Soothing Florals  
Kumquat - Sweet Citrus
Lavender Cashmere - Sweet and Dreamy  
(Seasonal) Frosted Spruce – Healthy and Elevating

adjective: to make a person tidier; neat in dress and appearance.
Just the amazing basics. Includes therapeutic Himalayan salt bomb, cuticle care, shaping, a hydrating body butter, and Zoya nail polish application.
$20 mani / $30 pedi – 35min

comparative adjective: sprucer
A little more. Includes a therapeutic Himalayan salt bomb, callus and cuticle care, nourishing exfoliation with a signature scrub, shaping and Zoya nail polish application. Includes a light scrub & massage with hydrating body butter.
$25 mani / $35 pedi – 45 min

superlative adjective: sprucest
All in! This amazing service includes a therapeutic Himalayan salt bomb, nourishing exfoliation with a signature scrub, callus and cuticle care, shaping, a signature oil treatment with hot towel and finished off with a luxurious body butter massage and perfectly polished nails.
$40 mani / $50 pedi – 55 min

adjective:(typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.
Includes all the luxuries of our “Sprucest” service (excluding polish). We do pay a little more attention to those rough cuticles & calluses, followed by a body butter massage. You’ll leave with nails cleaned, trimmed, nourished & buffed to perfection!
$25 mani / $40 pedi – 45 min

The Seedling
a tree not yet 3 feet high.For our “Mini Me’s” (12 & under).
The Spruce service finished with one of our signature body butters, kid safe natural polish, and of course some glitter!
$15 mani / $20 pedi - 25 min

Extra and Add-Ons

Shellac/Gel Polish
- $15-30mins
Choose from our selection of over 100 shellac/gel polishes. Shellac is a three-step nail polishing process that wears flawlessly with brilliant shine for up to 14 days (or longer) after curing under a LED light with zero drying time.

Genre with Spruce Mani - $48
This is a new nail technique that can be compared to a dipped nail but BETTER because it provides a strong acrylic like hard gel without the use of those stinky and harsh chemicals like monomers, primers, and cyanoacrylate resin. Genre nails have a great hold that can last 3-4 weeks before needing a fill!!! This is a great option if those gels like to lift on you! THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE BOOKED WITH ANY MANICURE - IT IS ALL INCLUDED IN ONE. Write in the comments if you would like an upgraded manicure.

CND Vinylux - $5
A 2 step process, no UV curing, 7 day chip resistant, dries 5 min quicker than regular polish, does not stain or yellow the nails, the perfect compromise between standard polish and shellac.

NAIL ART - $5+

*Spruce yourself up guilt free knowing that all Spruce polishes are 5Free/10Free -- you will never find Toluene, Formaldehyde, Resin, Camphor or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) in our products. The nail bars’ mission is to deliver a clean, consistent, non-toxic nail experience that stands out above the rest. When booking a nail experience at Spruce, your health and satisfaction are priority. Hail the natural nail! We do not offer artificial or gel built nails.

Lash/Brow bar

Classic Lashes
These beauties are a natural looking set of lashes that have one extension attached to one single natural lash. It is so nice to roll out of bed and our lashes are already done!!
Full Set: $150 - 90 min
Two Week Fill: $45 - 60 min
Three Week Fill: $55 - 60 min

Volume Lashes
Va Va Voom!!! These volume lashes consist of 2-6 light weight extensions attached to one natural lash and create a fuller look. The lash weight can vary depending on clients natural lash thickness and health.
Full Set: $200 - 2.5 to 3hrs
Two Week Fill: $65 – 75 min
Three Week Fill: $75 – 90 min

Lash Lift and Tint
A Lash Lift is a great low maintenance way to lift those lashes.  It’s such an easy way to have longer looking, black, lifted lashes that last from 8-12 weeks. This is for all the busy ladies out there (who are we joking every one of us is so stinking busy)!!
$85 – 45 min

Brow or Lash Tint
Professional Grade tint for your brows or lashes. We can match any color and lasts about 4 to 8 weeks.
$20- 20 min

Brow Lamination
The brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for about 4 to 8 weeks. Instead of curls, a setting lotion takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction as well as tinting your brows to your desired shade. This can hide small gaps, give the illusion of major hair growth, and make those brows look full and luscious. This service includes a nice fresh brow wax to perfect your finished look.
$85 - 45 min

Facial Bar

Stay Tuned for our UPDATED Menu!

Spray Tan

Hand Spray Tan - $30

Waxing Bar

Brazilian - $60
Bikini - $25
Underarms - $25
Brows - $10
Lip - $10
Full Face - $40
Arms - $40
Half Legs - $30
Full Legs - $50
Chest - $40
Back - $50

Massage Bar

Spruce Beauty Bar provides quality, therapeutic, and customized massages for relaxation and overall wellness. Our certified Massage Therapists view their clients in a holistic manner while providing you with their top notch massage techniques. Our massage room adds a relaxing ambiance to ensure your experience is one to remember.

Spruce Signature
Enjoy our signature massage which incorporates long, smooth strokes and kneading to stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension and improve flexibility. Let your therapist know your needs and wants and they’ll combine multiple modalities and pressures to make it a personalized experience.
$70 - 60 min/ $100 - 90 min

Clay Body Wrap

A luxurious and powerful treatment that improves the texture & appearance of the skin as well as helping rid your body of excess fluids and toxins. It also helps to boost the lymphatic system and metabolism, skin tightening and softening, relaxation at its finest, and temporary inch loss! You will not be disappointed!!! If you want a massage added onto this look into our Ultimate Spruce Massage Experience, FABULOUS!!!!
$85 – Up to 1 hr

The Ultimate
Ohh Mmm Gee this is the Ultimate. You start off with our amazing Clay Body Wrap. This will then be followed by our amazing 60-minute Signature massage and finished off with our exfoliating Massage Sugar Foot Scrub. Come on you know you deserve this level of pampering!!
$155 – Up to 2.5hrs

Essential Oil Blend or Hot Stone Add On’s
$10 each or $15 for both

Spruce Mood Blends by Young Living Oils
Choose from one of our essential oil blends that suit your specific needs for the day. It will send you on your way with the lingering effects of aromatherapy.
Healthy: YL’s ImmuPower Blend and Frankincense (tell the therapist if you have sensitive skin)
Happy: Bergamot and GrapefruitSleepy: Lavender and Cedarwood
Chill Out: YL’s Stress Away and Lavender
Achy: YL Panway, Peppermint, and CopaibaFocus: Frankincense, Cedarwood, and Orange
Sneezy: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint
Fearless: YL Valor Blend

Get Himalayan Salt Stoned
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage™ is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians.  Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants. Feel the energy of the 250 million year old mineral salt as you enjoy a gentle massage with these crystal salt stones.  

Massage Sugar Foot Scrub
This exfoliating sugar foot scrub hydrates and replenishes the fresh feeling of your feet. Not to mentions cleanses, removes dead skin cells, soothes the surface, stimulates lymph flow, and increases blood flow. The perfect ending to our amazing massage! This specific service needs to be added to one of our signature massages or the body wrap! If booked with the wrap you will receive $5 off!!
$15 – 10 min

Float Bar


Join our monthly floating membership. You pick either the 60 or 90 minute float session once or twice a month! This is the best option for you frequent floaters as you get 20% off each float. Your credit card will automatically be charged each month! The membership floats are non-shareable but can be carried over one month. If it is not used in that two month period it will however expire.

It is actually defined as resting or remaining buoyant on the surface of 12 inches of water that contains 900 pounds of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt. The water is at skin temperature and after a few minutes you lose the awareness of where the body ends and the water begins. Resting in this unique environment creates profound changes within the mind/body system and actually improves the overall function of the brain and the central nervous system. A lot of times with your first floating experience can seem a little unusual because of the unfamiliar process of floating but as you continue to float and there are less floating firsts it will allow your mind to truly embrace the process. Float therapy is backed by over forty years of mainstream scientific research in human performance.

The 900 pounds of Epsom salt in the water allows you to stop fighting gravity and lie passively and effortlessly on your back. As you lay in absolute tranquility, every muscle is allowed to gradually relieve all of its tensions. Your entire body, including internal organs, muscles and bones will be, for the first time, completely rested and at ease. There is the option of underwater music and lights but it is typically recommended to take all sensory stimulants away. We however always suggest to float at your own comfort level. Every person experiences floating in there own way. The water is kept at an exact 93.5 degrees or skin temperature. This allows you to lose track of where your body ends and the water and air begins.  When your body is free of gravitational forces, sound, light, and temperature the brain is actually able to truly expand into areas that usually can only be reached in the deepest of meditations.

Please arrive for your float 15 minutes prior to your float to sign the waiver and receive the initial float orientation

You will want to bring a brush for post float and something to put your contact lenses into while you are in the tank. Our room is fully private and you will be floating nude so there is no need to bring a swimsuit. Other than that the float bar is stocked with everything that you will need. One towel, robe, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, ear plugs, cotton swab, a vinegar solution to dissolve salt from ears if needed, and petroleum jelly for small cuts.

We recommend that you do not shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt can sting.

We recommend that you do not have any caffeine a couple hours prior to your float and that you eat a small meal or snack 1 hour prior to floating so your tummy growling doesn’t interrupt your sensory deprivation.

If you are getting in a workout that same day we recommend that it is prior to your float since the float will reduce muscle tension, helps align the spine and help the body recover more quickly.

If your hair is newly dyed please check to make sure that when you are showering at home that the water that is running through your hair is fully clear. If there is still some color coming out you should wait a couple more days/showers. This will ensure the integrity of the float water and your newly dyed luscious locks!


Please use the restroom prior to entering the float bar room. For the cleanliness and safety of everyone this step is a must. Just a little tid bit for your comfort and knowledge but we can actual see anything left behind in our float water and I mean anything. We will also provide a robe for you to use in case during the middle of the float nature calls. Our bathroom is located directly outside the float room.

One of our lovely staff members will go over the entire process with you and show you where to turn on and off the pod lights and music so do not worry there will not be a test on the information below but hopefully it will help you know what to expect!

Completely disrobe as floating is done in the nude. Swimsuits are not allowed because of the oils from laundry detergent and softeners. They can turn the float pods water chemistry all wonky. We want you to only float in the best water possible.

Insert the earplugs at this stage prior to the shower to create a better seal. A pre-float shower is required where you will use our provided shampoo and body wash to thoroughly clean all of the oils from your body. These darn oils again do not mix well with our water so it is vital to get as much off as possible. Please oh please do NOT use conditioner before your float session. Completely dry your face so you are not distracted in your float with trickling water down your face.

Carefully step up and sit into the pod feet first. At this point you can orient yourself and find the music and light button. You will then pull the lid down as you slide into a laying position where the solution will lift your body allowing you to float effortlessly. A head float cradle will be provided. Some people prefer to float completely free of devices and others prefer to have their neck supported with the cradle (remember its ALWAYS your float experience). Let the water cushion your body and find a comfortable position.

Now the most important part, BREATH deeply and fall into that intense relaxation. Pay attention to slowing your heartrate down and each muscle relaxing as you try to loose yourself into a truly meditative state.

When the session is over the tank lights and music will fade in and you will hear the float filtration sanitation system turning on. Slowly sit up and push the lid open. Please be extra careful as you exit the pod.

Remove the earplugs and you are now able to take your post float shower where we recommend to thoroughly rinse off and use our shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Its amazing that the salt solution actually leaves your hair and skin silky smooth because it helps remove dead skin cells and strips the hair of buildup. You won’t even prune up.

Please use our 50/50 white distilled vinegar to water solution to spray in your ears to help dissolve any salt that might have gotten in your ears. If the next day you hear crackling please do not be alarmed and either come on in and use our mix or make your own! At this time we ask you get dressed and exit the room so we can prepare for our next floater. If you are needing to get ready you will have full access to one of our restrooms where we can provide a hair dryer upon request.

On your way out book another appointment to get the continued benefits of floating or better yet just join our monthly floating membership!!

Our water is extremely clean. It will most likely be some of the cleanest water you’ve been in. We completely recirculate our water 3 times through our filtration system between each float. This system uses a combination of UV sterilizer with ozone, a Unicel filter, and hydrogen peroxide (which is a non-toxic alternative to cholrine and bromine). In addition the float tank has an extremely high salt concentration which makes it incredibly difficult for bacterial growth. There is a reason it is called the Dead Sea.  We also measure and adjust the pH, alkalinity, temperature, and specific gravity daily.

Absolutely. The pod is actually pretty spacious at 5.8 feet wide and 8.6 feet long. It is very important to try and stay calm and remember that you are always always in control of your float. You can stop the float and exit the pod at any time as there is not a latch. We have actually found it very peaceful when you turn it all off and close your eyes. You feel like you are truly floating in outer space rather than in a pod. It really is magical!

Yes. We do ask that you change your tampon prior to your float and highly recommend changing it immediately after. Some women do experience some discomfort in their feminine areas before or during this time.

They were invented in 1954 by a man named John C. Lily. When they first came to light it involved full submersion in water with a breathing device. In the early 1970’s the first actual lay down commercial tanks were invented.

Nopers. When people do fall asleep the high buoyancy of the water will keep you afloat. The worst might be that you get salt in your eye.

Are you ready for this mouthful?!?! When you get rid of all the noise in our crazy world your brain is actually able to chill out for a second and dive into a deep relaxation that takes our minds and bodies to places they otherwise could not go!!!!

Floating can:

  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Accelerate mental clarity and learning
  • Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces Pain
  • Helps you focus
  • Provides an escape from technology
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Reduce chronic fatigue and insomnia and jet lag
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Accelerates healing
  • Decreases muscular tension and aids in relaxation
  • Can enhance skin and hair
  • Helps get rid of conditions like Rosacea and Eczema
This list seriously goes on and on. Like we have said before it is really important to remember that every persons float experience is very different. You may experience some, all, or even new benefits from your float!!!
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