Meet our beauty bar team

Trisha Henriksen

Chief Inspirational Officer aka Owner

Kaylee Brummond

Lead Certified Nail Babe

Hayden Garcia

Lead Lash Diva, Nail Babe, Facial Darling, Tanning Toots, and Waxing Gem (whew that's a mouthful)

Maryah velasquez

Certified Nail Babe, Lash Diva, and Waxing Gem

Presley Stone

Director of First Impressions

brooke Kissack

Licensed Muscle Whisperer

Bethany cook

Certified Lash Diva, Waxing Gem, and Tanning Toots

Anna Licon

Team of First Impressions

Mariah tille

Certified Nail Babe

Danielle gaither

Certified Nail Babe

Chase miller

Licensed Muscle Whisperer