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3 hrs - 15 min clean up- $350
Microblading is a manual Microstroking technique used to create the appearance of brow hairs.

Ombré Brow
2.5 hrs - 15 min clean up - $350
This is a machine technique which achieves a natural soft powder look.

Combination Brow
3 hrs - 15 min clean up - $400
The combo brow combines the hairstrokes of microblading with the shading of Ombre. This achieves the most natural look possible for the brow with more of a 3D effect.

Initial Touchup
1.5 hrs - 15 min clean up - $0
Must be scheduled within 5-12 weeks of initial appointment.

Yearly Touchup
1.5 hrs - 15 min clean up - $150
Freshen up the color/strokes of your brows annually to keep them looking crisp and natural.

Trisha Youker

EyeBrow Specialist